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How do we know if our program for youth is effective in meeting its outcomes?

Will our curriculum result in knowledge or behaviour change?

Is the approach we take in our health program based in sound research?

What are the critical needs in our community?

What strategies will result in higher rates of employee retention?

These are just a few examples of the questions that are addressed when we work with organizations in the area of evaluation. Every organization wants to make a positive difference through the work that they do with their clients, employees or community members. Evaluation work answers these important questions and assists organizations in highlighting the strengths and challenges in their work.
Arbor Educational and Clinical Consulting Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality services to our clients in our areas of practice. We work closely with organizations in order to support organizational, program/service development and delivery and evaluation. Through thoughtful planning, solid data, analysis and reflection, we can assist your organization in moving forward in order to achieve desired goals and objectives.

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Arbor Educational & Clinical Consulting Inc. is dedicated to providing clients with high quality services in the following areas:


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