Organizational Reviews

In a 2012 study entitled ‘Global Workforce Study – Engagement at Risk: Sustaining Employee Engagement in a Volatile Global Environment’, the consulting firm of Towers Watson found that two-thirds of Canadian employees were not fully-engaged in their work. Why does this matter? Companies with high employee engagement were found to have profit margins that were three times higher than companies with low employee engagement.
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Retaining and supporting workers is critical to a company’s success and growth. By monitoring workplace health, organizations are better positioned to create an environment that can lead to success for all. Given the unique needs of each workplace, organizational reviews may include activities such as evaluations, needs assessments, or process evaluations. These are custom designed in order that results are of value and can inform next steps within an organization.

Some of the areas that may be included in an organizational review are employees’ perceptions of:

  • job performance
  • team performance
  • training opportunities
  • advancement opportunities
  • motivational levels as it relates to different aspects of the work
  • commitment to the organization
  • organizational support for a variety of issues (e.g., stress levels, mental health/wellness promotion, parenting/eldercare responsibilities)
  • organizational culture

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