Needs Assessments

When organizations and communities identify a potential need, a broader needs assessment allows the voices of service providers, clients and/or other stakeholders to be heard. A needs assessment can help organizations clearly determine several important aspects about a potential need. For example – Is the need a global need or is it limited to a specific group? If the need were to be addressed, what are the best ways to structure a service or a program? What are the potential barriers to meeting a given need? By gathering a range of information, organizations are in a much better position to plan a service or program that will be responsive to individuals, groups or the community. Selected examples of needs assessments and research completed to date are:

  • Child care needs assessments
  • Strengths and gaps in creating child-friendly communities
  • Youth development needs
  • Adolescent needs in relation to cancer prevention education
  • Staff education priorities
  • Workplace employee needs
  • Healthcare provider professional development needs in relation to GLBT2SQ clients