Needs Assessments

When organizations and communities identify a potential need, a broader needs assessment allows the voices of service providers, clients and/or other stakeholders to be heard.

A needs assessment can help organizations clearly determine several important aspects about a potential need. For example – Is the need a global need or is it limited to a specific group? If the need were to be addressed, what are the best ways to structure a service or a program? What are the potential barriers to meeting a given need? By gathering a range of information, organizations are in a much better position to plan a service or program that will be responsive to individuals, groups or the community. Selected examples of needs assessments and research completed to date are:

  • Child care needs assessments
  • Strengths and gaps in creating child-friendly communities
  • Youth development needs
  • Adolescent needs in relation to cancer prevention education
  • Staff education priorities
  • Workplace employee needs
  • Healthcare provider professional development needs in relation to GLBT2SQ clients

Program Design

By listening to the needs of organizations and incorporating research about best practices, we can assist you in designing supplemental learning materials and curriculum. As the organization, you can then use these materials to facilitate professional development for your staff or provide new learning opportunities for your clients.

If it is workshops that you require, we are able to design a range of workshops in different content areas. By drawing on a network of specialists, workshops are facilitated by individuals who have expertise in their area of work.

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